things by me

The Fiery Tree

The Fiery Tree There stood a Tree with branches of Fire at the heart of the World. The Tree illuminated the World as far as its light and heat would reach. Beyond the World there was only the Darkness. In the World there was everything, there was all the beauty and happiness there could ever be. All of Nature was there, the plants, the fields, the mountains, the rivers, the beaches, the desserts and all the animals.

The Bureau of Religious Sacrifice

Morris had been standing in line for four hours, he never would’ve guessed getting a human sacrifice was such a hassle. The Bureau for Religious Sacrifice was known for being the slowest in the whole Department. This was mostly due to the habit of sacrificing their best workers to a variety of gods in the hope of acquiring their favour so they would bless them by speeding up the process. This had proven to be counterproductive.

The Rematch

Note: First read The Fight. Beyond all odds The Kid had gone the distance. It had cost him is organs being turned to goop to feed The Beast’s hideous children, but he had gone the full distance. Beyond even those odds The Kid had somehow survived the fight. He needed a complete organ transplant after all The Beast’s spawn were removed, but he had lived, he was after all a fighter.

All Hallow's Eve

All Hallow’s Eve Chains clattered as they were dragged across the ground by the ghostly and ghastly creature. The gates of hell gave a rusty sigh as they slammed close again. The girl froze in place. The sight of the ungodly creatures burned its way through her eyes. Unable to process what was happening her brain literally melted. The creature’s dark tongue eagerly lapped it up as it came oozing out of her eye sockets.

The Fight

It had been The Kid’s dream ever since he started boxing, his therapist had suggested it as a way to work out his anger, his anger about himself, his situation and the world, it was just supposed to be an outlet, but as soon as he picked up those gloves he had dreamed of a shot at the title. He never made it far enough to have a chance for that dream to come through.