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Every Movie I Watched in 2023

In 2023 I watched a measly 12 movies. That’s not a lot, but one benefit of that is that it means I can quite easily write up a quick review for each of them from memory. All of these reviews are crossposted on my letterboxd. 1. All My Friends Hate Me This is Social Anxiety: the Horror Movie. Is it actually a horror movie? Yes, but no. Is it a comedy?

Configure GitHub on Termux

Install Termux Install termux via the f-droid store, the Google Play store has a version of Termux too, but that one is outdated, use f-droid or the github repository releases to install the latest version. Install Git and openssh Run the following command to update and upgrade all existing software: apt update && apt upgrade Install git and openssh apt install git openssh Give Termux access to the local storage You’ll probably want Termux to have access to the storage of your android device, in order to do that simply use the following command:


I came across a livestream called Nothing Forever1 which is a weird never ending fever dream of a pixelated, AI generated version of Seinfeld. Interestingly enough one of the things I was playing around with on ChatGPT2 myself was Seinfeld scripts as well. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about Seinfeld that seems to make it a good candidate for chucking at an AI. Maybe it’s just a latent memory of the ‘Modern Seinfeld’ twitter bot of ages ago?

The Fiery Tree

The Fiery Tree There stood a Tree with branches of Fire at the heart of the World. The Tree illuminated the World as far as its light and heat would reach. Beyond the World there was only the Darkness. In the World there was everything, there was all the beauty and happiness there could ever be. All of Nature was there, the plants, the fields, the mountains, the rivers, the beaches, the desserts and all the animals.

The Bureau of Religious Sacrifice

Morris had been standing in line for four hours, he never would’ve guessed getting a human sacrifice was such a hassle. The Bureau for Religious Sacrifice was known for being the slowest in the whole Department. This was mostly due to the habit of sacrificing their best workers to a variety of gods in the hope of acquiring their favour so they would bless them by speeding up the process. This had proven to be counterproductive.