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The Rematch

Note: First read The Fight. Beyond all odds The Kid had gone the distance. It had cost him is organs being turned to goop to feed The Beast’s hideous children, but he had gone the full distance. Beyond even those odds The Kid had somehow survived the fight. He needed a complete organ transplant after all The Beast’s spawn were removed, but he had lived, he was after all a fighter.

All Hallow's Eve

23:58 All Hallow’s Eve Chains clattered as they were dragged across the ground by the ghostly and ghastly creature. The gates of hell gave a rusty sigh as they slammed close again. The girl froze in place. The sight of the ungodly creatures burned its way through her eyes. Unable to process what was happening her brain literally melted. The creature’s dark tongue eagerly lapped it up as it came oozing out of her eye sockets.

The Fight

It had been The Kid’s dream ever since he started boxing, his therapist had suggested it as a way to work out his anger, his anger about himself, his situation and the world, it was just supposed to be an outlet, but as soon as he picked up those gloves he had dreamed of a shot at the title. He never made it far enough to have a chance for that dream to come through.

Never Judge a Cook by His Oven

The sister removed her hands from her brother’s eyes revealing the old abandoned hospital making him totally freak out in excitement. “You have to be kidding? There’s no way you got a table at Leben? There— there’s a waiting list of several months. How did you do it?” He asked excitedly. “I got us on the waiting list. There’s not much to it really, you just have to wait a bit,” she answered.

The Picture of Dorian Bae

Dorian Bae was the man Sabrina had dreamed of her whole life. No, that’s not true. He was more than she had ever dreamed of. He was more handsome. He was kinder. He was, as her friend had put it, a hunk beyond dreams. He had a chiseled and strong yet playful face with a smirk that could have saved the titanic, because it would melt anyone and anything. His body was muscular and defined, but at the same time warm and inviting, with big arms that could wrap around you so tightly you would forget the whole world.

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie - Scene 17

A loud cheer went through the town, people were dancing and singing and shouting, out of nowhere a tuba started playing and the fanfare came marching in. “Everybody quiet down,” the Commander said anxiously, “you’re going to wake it up.” “Don’t worry, Commander, with the spell we managed to put on it this creature won’t be waking up any time soon,” Milena explained. “Is it kiss proof too?” the Commander asked.

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie - Scene 16

The Fairy was speeding through the air. If she didn’t end this now the Dragon would kill them all or even worse they’d kill the Dragon and any chance of putting the plan back in action would be ruined. Not wanting to waste any time she crash landed between the Dragon and Guards causing her to waste a lot of time getting her head straight after the impact. “Stop! Don’t kill it,” she said to the Guards, or possibly to the Dragon.

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie - Scene 15

The Dragon faced the Guards who had drawn their weapons and were ready to attack, well, they pretended like they were ready to attack anyway. The archer looked at the magic wielder and said, “guide my arrows, my love.” She nodded. He shot arrow after arrow into the air, they didn’t fly towards the dragon, instead they landed around it in a circle their points sticking into the ground, encircling the beast entirely.

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie - Scene 14

‘We can’t charge against it, Commander, it’ll burn our skin straight off. If only we had someone that didn’t need to worry about that,’ Jerre said. In unison they all proclaimed: ‘Dr. Bones!’ Dr. Bones, the walking skeleton, walked straight through the fire in all his skeletony glory, unharmed. ‘Hahaha! No longer will I be known as the ‘Skeleton Man’, I mean, my name is DR. BONES, why would you even bother with a nickname in the first place?

Let Sleeping Beauties Lie - Scene 13

The Fairy was calmly floating through the air. She passed a flock of birds who all winked at her and said “good job, keep it up.” The face of her mother appeared through the clouds and her voice booming from the heavens spoke: “I’m proud of you honey, you’re doing amazing.” In the distance a loot player was strumming an upbeat feel good song from her childhood. The sun shone on her face and a gentle breeze blew through her hair.