All Hallow's Eve

Flash Fiction


All Hallow’s Eve

Chains clattered as they were dragged across the ground by the ghostly and ghastly creature. The gates of hell gave a rusty sigh as they slammed close again.

The girl froze in place. The sight of the ungodly creatures burned its way through her eyes. Unable to process what was happening her brain literally melted. The creature’s dark tongue eagerly lapped it up as it came oozing out of her eye sockets.

Her body flopped to the ground. The boy’s legs gave out in fear. He backed himself into the headstone and gave up, whatever would happen would happen.

Pure darkness crawled its way over the girl’s body towards him. The living shadow enveloped him and the rattling sound of the demon breathing echoed in his head. A black hole hovered over him, the creature’s mouth breathed in one last time ready to suck the life out of him. All seemed lost.

From the church next to the graveyard the sound of bells rang droning out the sound of the rattling breath.

A sword of pure light cut through the living shadow sending the head of the dark creature rolling across the ground.

Through the fading darkness a ghostly winged created shone brightly like the sun breaking its way through the clouds.


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